General Care Instructions


  • From time to time gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean with a 100% cotton cloth. Do NOT use harsh cleaning solutions please.

  • Tarnish can be slowed by storing your jewelry in an airtight jewelry box or bag with anti-tarnish paper; pearls and opals should be stored in fabric because they need to breathe. 

  • Store each jewelry piece separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry. Please note, that if you are stacking your bracelet / bangles, they may scratch.

  • Remove jewelry prior to exercise, bathing, swimming to protect it from scratches and tarnish, if you would like to prolong the lifetime of your pieces.

  • Apply all personal products, including but not limited to lotions, fragrances, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, and hair spray before putting on jewelry as certain chemicals may damage the jewelry if rubbed or sprayed on them directly.