Dilara Saatci
Crafting jewelry with tasteful creativity.

Meet Dilara

Dilara's designs represent creativity reflecting her extensive cultural background. Istanbul, Berlin and San Francisco! Three different cities, three different continents and three different lives! Her path drives her inspiration.

Every piece of jewelry is crafted with her unique approach to life and expresses the milestones of Dilara's life. She also is offering pieces that she c is carefully sourcing from craftsman around the world.

"Classy with a Twist" is the best way to describe Dilara's collections. Her designs and sourced pieces are considered to be uniquely attractive conversation pieces. Natural stones, diamonds, sterling silver and gold are the essential elements of Dilara's creations. Every piece of her designs are uncommon, fabulous yet affordable. Her approach is to bring a touch of glamour to daily lifestyle with "everyday diamonds".